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From advertising to netvertising...

Welcome to our website - we are glad about your visit to us. In the following we would like to give you some information about our activities which we now perform out of Somerset West after having operated our business for more than 15 years in Europe.

The Internet has advanced to the world's biggest marketplace and in consequence of that a website has not only a presentational function for a company. It rather is actively used to provide businesses with the opportunity to participate in the market development, to offer products and services and - in the first instance to acquire customers.

Bill Gates has once accurately related to it: "The Internet is a tidal wave. It will wash over nearly all industries drowning those who don't learn to swim in its waves..."

World Wide Web

Therefore an innovative and efficient appearance in the web, in combination with an online-marketing conception which is in line with the company strategy, has become to an indespensable necessity for all types of businesses which like to hold and gain market share but also like to expand their customer base and as a consequence of that their sales.

Our cape netvertising team would like to assist you and your business in the process of implementing your individual marketing strategy in a successful way. To achieve that objective we would like to offer you the following services - starting with an of course complimentary orientation-dialogue:

Paperclip the jointly development of an online-marketing conception
Paperclip the design and coding of web-pages according to your individual corporate identity
Paperclip the adaption of your web pages to displays of mobile communication devices
Paperclip a search engine optimization (SEO)
Paperclip the consecutively update of contents on your web pages
Paperclip the integration of your website to social networks
Paperclip web analytics concerning your marketing activities in combination with a financial ad-management
Paperclip design and production of print media based on your online marketing strategy
(e. g. flyers, brochures, ads, business cards etc.)

Which of these services you choose out of our service range is only determined by your individual requirements: All services can be combined independent from each other so no non-transparent 'package prices' will appear on your invoice. You will only get charged for services that you really require for your successful web appearance.

To our mind: Billing as it should be - or what's your personal opinion about this?...

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